Graduate opportunities

Internship program

What will you be part of?

A programme that sets you up for a high-flying future at Amadria Park. Through learning experiences you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll discover everything there is to know. And the ultimate aim? To get you to General Manager.

Delighting our guests

What will we give you?

  • 3 months of intensive learning and development
  • An in-depth understanding of all departments
  • The chance to work in the ones that really interest you
  • The responsibility that grows as your skills do
  • Training to help you grow your management and leadership skills
  • A mentor to help you make the most of your journey
  • Regular meetings with the directors of departments and the general manager

Opportunity awaits

Check open positions on our 3 destinations: Opatija, Zagreb & Šibenik

Amadria Park Careers
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